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Exciting yet calming…invigorating yet soothing… stirring yet comforting. These are just a few of the paradoxes which could be used to describe the sound and ministry of Living Water, one of New England’s most notable new gospel ensembles. Under the direction of North Carolina native Gary R. Lyon, the group has forged a reputation for lively heartfelt performances that always leave their audiences wanting more.

Lyon grew up in the Church of God in Christ, was a soloist with the award-winning North Carolina A&T State University Gospel Choir, and has directed choirs in Greensboro, NC and in Boston. With Living Water, he draws upon all of his experiences and lessons to fuse the fundamentals of traditional gospel sound, (power & fervor), with the stylistic flair of contemporary gospel, all the while staying true to the spirit of the eternal truths of the good news, which is the essence of gospel music. The result is a unique and distinct presentation that holds its own next to that of any major gospel artist. The uniqueness can be attributed to the group members’ cumulative total of almost seventy-five years of singing experience in a variety of settings, ranging from store front and traditional churches to school and regional theatre and even performances with America’s orchestra, the Boston Pops.


Living Water began its quest of spreading the good news of Jesus Christ in November 2005. It was at this time that each member of the group made a significant commitment to the vision of Living Water. The vision crosses all lines of communication by sharing a ‘simple praise’ to God’s people. It is also believed that God has designed Living Water to complete this task by using each member collectively as a vessel to bring the vision to fruition.

Since its founding, Living Water has gained a dedicated following within the gospel community, while building relationships in the larger community by singing for audiences at local festivals, corporate events, conferences and schools throughout New England. Lyon says that working with Living Water is a charge that he cannot avoid. The messages shared by Living Water are like streams of water that flow from within him and bubble over…for the encouragement and inspiration of anyone open to the life-changing power of the gospel in song.